el Enigma de Alan Turing

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This photograph shows Alan Turing (on the bus steps) with other members of the Walton Athletic Club, an amateur club based in Walton, Surrey, an outer suburb of south-west London.-A suburban runner


Abstergo Phone Records, June 1954Edit Abstergo Phone Records, June 1954 section

  • N: V, it’s N. I need Turing done today.
  • V: Aren’t we jumping the gun? You’ve already had him arrested and sedated.
  • N: He still refuses to follow the directive. He’s actually trying to invent one of those infernal things instead of merely faking it for the newspapers. If he succeeds, you know what the mass unemployment generated by his robots will mean? Idle hands! We need to do this for the good of the people.
  • V: What about Keynes? He trusted Turing.
  • N: It’s the greater good we’re talking about here V. Plus a ‘childless worker’ sends a bad message. We can’t have them all stop reproducing.
  • V: Fine. It’s your call.
  • N: I want it done like we did Harry Dexter White when he tried to warn the Soviets.
  • V: All right.
  • N: Be poetic about it. Maybe something from the Bible. Turing always was….theatrical.
Obligado a someterse a brutales “terapias” que le destrozaron, Turing se suicidó en 1954. Tenía 42 años.
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, grupo 4 (Cluster 4)
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